Five Productive Mobile Apps To Take On Business Trips

Five Productive Mobile Apps To Take On Business Trips

Mobile apps for business trips can be fun but it can be challenging with sporadic internet access and looming deadlines.  Here’s a list of productive mobile apps to make your life easier when you’re away for work.  I’m due to leave for the United States for two weeks, and I’ll be testing everything out to see how well I fare on my next trip!

Evernote mobile app, lets you write note anywhere!

Evernote mobile app, lets you write note anywhere!

1.  Evernote

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

A lightweight application that lets you organize your notes using notebooks and can shared seamlessly across devices.  Saved data syncs as soon as there is internet access and it has the capability to clip anything you find on the web.  You can even scan business cards and documents!  I’m looking forward to using this nifty mobile app on my upcoming trips.

Google Mobile - all the Google apps you need!

Google Mobile – all the Google apps you need!

2.  Google Apps (Android)

Ok, this goes without saying.  I’ve already installed Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ for keeping tabs on Google+ and finally, Chrome, a browser by Google because I prefer that over the default tablet internet browser.  I jumped onto the Google bandwagon a few years ago, and haven’t looked back since with Google’s free office suite.  Although you can upgrade your account for business, I’ve found the free version of Google’s mobile apps have been good enough for me with little need to upgrade.

Pocket anything you want to read later!

Pocket anything you want to read later!

3.  Pocket

Put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket.

On your mobile app, save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter on any of your devices.  I’ve downloaded their desktop browser extension as well as the app on my tablet, with the goal of collecting a few articles for me to read later on my flight.  All you have to do is sign up through your Google account and your ‘pockets’ can be saved anywhere!  I thought bookmarks were good enough, until I saw that it can save everything offline for you.  Your pockets can be organized with tags and by type for your convenience.  You’ll never be bored again without internet access on your Pocket mobile app!

Norton Identity Safe - Mobile Password Vault

Norton Identity Safe – Mobile Password Vault

4.  Norton Identity Safe

I’ve looked around for a good password manager that would let me save across devices, and this was important to me because my personal accounts aren’t the only ones I manage.  The password vault software by Norton will save multiple passwords, and even update them when you need to change one.  It’s been phenomenal in keeping track of my clients’ accounts on top of my personal accounts with seamless integration between devices with a straightforward interface where you can also organize with tags.

It’s a must have app for business trips- if you don’t like Norton’s, at least consider looking at different password vault software that works for you.  Don’t let yourself get into a situation where you don’t have the password to an account and it’s at home on your desktop computer!

Wordpress Mobile App

WordPress Mobile App

5.  WordPress

Since I work with WordPress a ton as a website developer, I was interested in learning how I could continue working with WordPress on the go.  I won’t be able to do a lot of dev work on my tablet but I can certainly still help out writing posts and keep an eye on all of my websites that run on WordPress.  You will need a account, and from there you can manage as many wordpress accounts you want, regardless of whether it’s a blog or a self-hosted website that run on WordPress.  I’m especially looking forward to playing around with this application, and see how well it works for me.

Those are the apps I wouldn’t be able to live without if I got stranded on an island-  they should prove to be useful for my upcoming trip.  Having said that, I’ll have to write some posts when I’m away now that I have no excuses!

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